UAE Property Investor Visa

UAE Property Investor Visa

Live & work in the UAE while enjoying exclusive benefits
Long-term validity
Valid for 2 or 10 years with the possibility of renewal
Sponsoring dependents
Husband and wife can participate in one property
Golden Visa status
A 10-year investor visa is considered a Golden Visa in Dubai
Enjoy all the benefits of the UAE Property Investor Visa
Dubai Property Investor Visa.
About UAE Property Investor Visa

Take advantage of a Property Investor Visa to enjoy your life in UAE

Foreigners who invest in residential properties worth AED 750,000 or AED 2 million and above with a maximum of 50% of the property value under mortgage are eligible for the UAE Property Investor Visa. Investors in a jointly owned property are eligible to apply if each individual’s share is worth at least AED 1 million.

Commercial properties can’t be invested in, only residential properties can. In addition, the visa is only valid for freehold residential properties; off-plan properties cannot be applied for.

Acquiring a 10-years investor visa in Dubai has a great deal of benefits, which include the following:

  • You can sponsor up to 3 house maids and drivers
  • You can sponsor your family for the same period for 10 years
  • You can sponsor your child up to 30 years for boys
  • You can sponsor parents for a 10 years visa also
Property Investor Visa Uae
About UAE Property Investor Visa

Requirements to apply for UAE Property Investor Visa

For highly qualified foreign nationals, the UAE government has introduced a long-term residence visa.

A 10-year investor visa application is straightforward – here are the qualification requirements:

  • Minimum 2 million worth of property (multiple properties will be accepted) under the applicant’s name
  • Whenever the property is mortgaged, the bank must receive at least 2 million dollars of the property value. A NOC letter in Arabic along with mentioning the amount paid from the mortgage will be required to proceed with visa application
  • Person must be inside UAE
  • Husband and wife can participate in one property
Pricing and documents

Pricing and required documents to apply for the UAE Property Investor Visa

The application process varies according to the type of property you apply under.

Property Investor Visa required documents

  • Passport
  • Title deed
  • Studio photo in white background
  • Obtaining Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Emirates ID Biometrics
  • Health Insurance Certificate
  • Copy of Emirates ID – if you are a UAE resident
  • Additional documents up on eligibility criteria
  • Approval from Immigration

Property Investor Visa package government fees

The cost of the package starts from AED 17,170 excluding Health Insurance and My Business Consulting DMCC Service Fees. Actual fees will depend on every case.

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Here is a list of the services that are included in our UAE Property Investor Visa Package:

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  • Obtaining an Entry Permit
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  • Full assistance with EID biometrics, including transfers
  • Obtaining a visa stamping
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