Easy Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Grenada citizenship by investment

Visa-free travel to 146 countries
Enjoy easy and long business trips to each city covered under the chosen country
Ensure prosperous future for your family
Secure a peaceful life for the whole family including wife, children, parents, and siblings
33rd among global passports
Grenada passport ranks 33rd out of 157 global passports
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About Grenada

Explore endless opportunities of Grenada citizenship

Grenada is a Caribbean island country known as the Isle of Spice. The island is located in the southernmost part of the Lesser Antilles arc. About 100 miles (160 km) north of Venezuela’s coast, it lies in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The island is about 21 miles (34 km) long and 12 miles (19 km) wide. A capital city named St. George’s is located on the islands’ southwest coast.

With the Grenada passport, you can travel to 146 countries worldwide, and the citizenship qualification process is fairly straightforward and quick. With Grenada citizenship by investment, participants can invest a certain amount in real estate or government funds and enjoy dual citizenship.

Why choose Grenada

Grenada recognizes dual citizenship and as a citizen, you will benefit from the following

Visa-free travel to 146 countries and territories, including China, Russia, the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Citizenship for life, with the right to live and work in Grenada.

Right to pass on citizenship to future descendants.

Right to hold dual citizenship under the laws of Grenada.

Eligibility to apply as an investor under the United States’ E-2 Visa.

A low tax nation, safeguarding citizens from inheritance, gift, and capital gains tax, as well as non-resident citizens from wealth and foreign income taxes.

No requirement to reside in Grenada before, during, or after the application.

No interview to test your English skills

No previous education or management experience requirement.

Investment options

National Transformation Fund (NTF)

The NTF was established together with the 2013 Citizenship by Investment Program to assist in the transformation of Grenada’s economy to one which includes diversity, resilience, and prosperity.

Contributing to the NTF is the fastest route to citizenship of Grenada:

  • $150,000: single applicant
  • $200,000: main applicant plus a spouse
  • $200,000: family with up to 4 dependents
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Other investment options

One-time Donation to Maltese Government for the Main Applicant There are two options available to applicants who want to invest in real estate in Grenada:

  1. A joint investment in pre-approved tourism accommodations
  2. An independent investment in pre-approved real estate.

In both cases, the investment must be held for a period of 3 years from the date that citizenship is received:

  • $220,000: Joint Investment in pre-approved tourist accommodations.
  • $400,000: Independent investment in pre-approved real estate.

For both options, the following government fees apply:

  • $50,000: Family of up to 4 dependents
  • $25,000: Each dependent
Scenic view of Grenada.
Qualification requirements

Grenada accepts applicants from all nationalities, but there are a few requirements

  • They are over the age of 18.
  • They have excellent health.
  • They have good moral character.

An applicant is allowed to apply with family members, including a spouse, children up to the age of 30, and parents or grandparents aged 55 or above. They must all be living with and dependent on the applicant. Some exceptions do apply to children who are disabled.

NOTE: Grenadian passport will not allow you to permanently move to European Union or the UK.

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