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VAT Return Filing Service
What is VAT Return Filing?

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VAT Return Filing – is a submission of an official report detailing taxable purchases and sales made by the Taxable person. VAT Return should be completed either by a Taxable Person, their legal representative or a Tax Agent and submitted online to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) as per the schedule assigned by FTA, but no later than the 28th day following the end of the Tax Period.

Based on your business needs, our certified Tax Advisors can assist you with your VAT Return Filing submission on a monthly or quarterly basis in the most compliant and efficient way.

What do you need to report

With the reference to the Federal Tax Authority VAT Returns User Guide each Taxable person should report the following

  • Supplies of goods and services made which are subject to the standard rate of VAT per Emirate;
  • Tax refunds you have provided to tourists under the Tax Refunds for Tourists Scheme, if you are a retailer and provide tax refunds to tourists in the
  • UAE under the official tourists refund scheme;
  • Supplies of goods and services received by the Taxable Person which are subject to the reverse charge provisions;
  • Supplies of goods and services made which are subject to the zero rate of VAT;
  • Supplies made which are exempt from VAT;
  • Goods imported into the UAE and have been declared through UAE customs;
  • Where applicable, adjustments to goods imported into the UAE and which have been declared through UAE Customs.
  • Business Purchases and expenses that were subject to the standard rate of VAT and for which you would like to recover VAT, provided that the supply is not blocked;
  • Any supplies which were subject to the reverse charge for which you would like to recover input tax.
VAT Return Filing guidelines

Guidelines to be followed prior to VAT Return submission

My Business Consulting DMCC has prepared a list of guidelines and advices from our Tax Experts aimed to assist you when getting prepared for the VAT Return submission.

Kindly follow the advices listed below and don’t forget that we are here to assist you in any of your queries.

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Scope of our services

You can rely on us to help you comply with UAE Taw Laws by filing your VAT Returns on time, efficiently, and accurately.
When choosing My Business Consulting DMCC to process your monthly or quarterly VAT Return Filing submissions you will get

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Expert advice

General consultation on VAT application to your business

Status updates

Regular updates and follow ups on your VAT Return report status with FTA

Law updates

Updates on new cabinet decisions and VAT Law amendments

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