2022 Business Consulting Highlights & Achievements Dubai UAE

2022 My Business Consulting DMCC Highlights & Achievements

In 2022, My Business Consulting DMCC has successfully achieved impressive results, owing to the unwavering professionalism and tireless efforts of our team members. We consistently endeavored to augment our revenue and broaden our business horizons, all while maintaining the highest level of customer service and expertise.

With our innovative perspectives coupled with our dedicated approach, My Business Consulting DMCC has enriched the management consulting industry and paved the way for sustained growth and success for the company in the years to come.

My Business Consulting 2022 Performance

Steady Growth of the Company Revenue

The dedication and trust of our valued clients, the passion for excellence, and the impeccable expertise of our team led to an increase in revenue of 30% in 2022.

Expanding Our Business to New Heights

Through our close collaboration with our esteemed partners and comprehensive analysis of market conditions, we have successfully delivered the most optimal solutions to our clients. Our unwavering commitment to achieving excellence is evident in our impressive growth in market share, sales volume, and customer base. These achievements are a testament to our steadfast leadership in an intensely competitive business landscape.

2022 culminated in a series of impressive accomplishments, including:

  • 110% growth in the number of corporate clients
  • 70% increase in the total number of individual clients
  • 50% increase in new company formations
  • 40% increase in Free Zone & Offshore Company formation
  • 5% increase in companies opening in the DMCC Free Zone
  • 650% increase in Mainland company formation
  • We are also pleased to have renewed our TradeMark for another 10 years
2022 Business Consulting Highlights Infograph

Awards and Recognitions Received in 2022

We are proud recipients of multiple prestigious awards and recognitions in various publications that highlight our commitment to excellence, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to our clients. My Business Consulting DMCC was honored to be recognized among 20,000 companies and brilliant nominees in the below outstanding industry awards:

  • Top Performing Consultant 2021 for the 6th consecutive year. DMCC recognized My Business Consulting DMCC for having greatly contributed to attracting businesses to DMCC, both in setting up and expanding their operations.
  • Best DMCC Promoter 2021 for the 4th year in a row. DMCC awarded My Business Consulting DMCC for consistently promoting the World’s Best Free zone, for our outstanding performance and marketing strategies.

Consistently achieving these awards and being recognised consecutively six years in a row as the top consultant by DMCC is a result of hard work, dedication, and proven efficiency by our team.

Our CEO, Keren Jadhav, has been featured in numerous publications, both in print and online, where we stood out as an industry leader showcasing our expertise:

  • Featuring Keren Jadhav as an inspiring leader known for shaping one of the most successful business consulting firms in Dubai, was an article published by Women Entrepreneur India
  • Keren Jadhav was quoted in the Economic Times which is the world’s second-largest widely read business newspaper, on a very relevant topic.
My Business Consulting 2022 Performance

Our Success is Attributed to Our Excellent Administrative Support to UAE Businesses

With the expansion and continuous training of our financial and administrative experts in 2022, we have already seen great results. PRO & Admin services contracts, as well as Bookkeeping, VAT & UAE residency deals were exceedingly popular among our clients in 2022.

Services growth breakdown:

  • 95% rise in the total number of UAE Resident Visas
  • 20% increase in PRO contracts
  • 10% growth in the number of Bookkeeping, VAT Return Submission, and Bank Administration contracts
  • 15% increase in company renewals

Through our immigration, accounting, and tax services, as well as bank account opening, we have helped thousands of investors establish successful, sustainable businesses in the UAE.

My Business Consulting Achievements 2022

Increased Productivity and Engagement of Our Team

At My Business Consulting DMCC, we believe that appreciation comes from investing in the development and contribution of each member of the team. The more employees feel appreciated for their contributions, the more connected they are to the organization as a whole. Our team members have received and updated “AML Certification” from Thomson Reuters.

By boosting the potential and involvement of the team, we resulted in:

  • Increased productivity and engagement
  • Greater employee satisfaction and enjoyment of work
  • Improved team culture
  • Higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from clients

We have provided 35% more external training to our employees and 27% more internal training. Our team members participated in 53% more events and contributed twice as much to the community in 2022 compared to 2021.

My Business Consulting Highlights & Achievements

Industry Experts With Outstanding Marketing Strategies

Our strong online presence aims at continuously improving external communication, building strong brand awareness globally, and providing high-quality and extremely useful content. We keep our audience updated with all the changes and with our expert opinion on matters which contribute to the success of their company.

The following are some of the biggest marketing achievements in 2022:

  • 8,163,896 online users saw our content in 2022 (308% growth)
  • 6,731,112 users saw our Google Ads (498% growth)
  • 142,750 users visited the website (118% growth)

Additionally our Social Media pages showed great performance and high engagement of users:

  • 1,186,734 Facebook reach (108% growth)
  • 14,081 post clicks on LinkedIn (176% growth)
  • 154 hours watch time on YouTube (40% growth)
  • 1,665 new followers on Facebook
  • 1,391 new followers on Instagram
  • 4,184 new followers on LinkedIn
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Our Commitment to Sustainability and Empowering Future Business Leaders

In 2022, we strengthened our commitment to social responsibility by actively engaging in a range of initiatives that embody our values and mission. Our successful recycling campaign was just one of the ways we contributed to sustainability and minimized our environmental impact, while our ongoing efforts to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs helped foster the growth and success of future leaders in our industry. We are proud to continue making a positive impact in our community and creating a better world for all.

  • Our team participated in Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Give & Gain employee volunteering initiative under which we collected 180 kgs of recyclables such as plastic, paper, glass, electronics and metal as part of the ‘Recycling Campaign’, bringing us one step closer to the UAE’s vision of sustainability.
  • At American University Dubai (AUD), Alaina Concepcion, COO at My Business Consulting DMCC, delivered a valuable lecture to students about how to develop new services & products through the Lean Startup Method as a reference for startup founders.
  • During the presentation for International Module students at Synergy University Dubai, Corporate Service Managers Svetlana Kursheva and Natalya Kuptsova shared their expertise related to setting up a business in the UAE.
  • At American University Dubai (AUD), Alaina Concepcion, COO at My Business Consulting DMCC, was a Pitch Evaluator in AEIC’s Startup Pathway Program where she evaluated the students’ final Pitch Deck showcasing their MVP and Business Model.
Awards And Recognitions Received in 2022

We are proud of our remarkable achievements of the past years, which continue to inspire us to push the boundaries and achieve even greater success, as we look ahead with unwavering enthusiasm and eagerness to embark on new opportunities in 2023. With the same passion and drive that have brought us this far, My Business Consulting DMCC eagerly anticipate the new milestones and accomplishments that will shape our future and propel us towards continued growth and excellence.