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About business administration services

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After launching your business in the UAE your company will need to ensure that its corporate obligations do not become a hindrance to daily operations. Whether you need to apply for employment visas, make amendments to your company name, change company structure, or want to make a share transfer agreement, having someone to support you along the way can make it all seem easy.

This is where My Business Consulting DMCC can assist you by providing full support for a wide range of issues related to administering business in the UAE. From choosing a proper license, company license renewal and obtaining a tax certificate to all other business documentation, we help streamline your corporate obligations.

PRO & administration services

We will tailor customized packages to meet the needs of any type or size of the company in its business journey in the UAE.

Company Services Employee Services Miscellaneous
  • License Renewal
  • Lease Renewal
  • Establishment Card Renewal
  • E-channel Renewal
  • Company Insurance Renewals
  • Legalization of Company Documents
  • Amendment of Company Structure:
    • – Transfer of Shares
    • – Increase of Shares
    • – Change of Manager
    • – Change of Officers
    • – Downgrade/Upgrade of Facility
    • – Office Sharing Permit
  • HR consultancy
  • New, Renewal and Cancellation of Visa:
    • – Investor
    • – Employee
    • – Dependents
    • – Servants
  • Driving License Conversion
  • Legalization of Documents
  • Assistance in Translation of Documents
  • Salary Certificate
  • Tax Resident Certificate
  • End-of-Service Calculations
  • Registration in Chamber of Commerce
  • Registration in Customs
  • Registration in Dubai Customs
  • Assistance in Trademark Registration/ Renewal


My Business Consulting DMCC is here to assist you with any business administration needs

End-to-end services

In addition to the above services mentioned in PRO and Admin service packages, we provide such services

Dedicated Human Resources Manager to provide relevant information on compliance with the UAE Employment Laws and Regulations. Limited to 2 hrs/monthly

Dedicated Customer Relations Manager to ensure proper liaising with the Free Zone officials on various company and employees related matters

Automatic email notifications for any expiring corporate documents of the company or employment documents of the team members/employees

Regular Notifications of any relevant change in the Government Authorities Regulations

Timely, accurate & personalized service completion

10% discount on all other corporate services of My Business Consulting DMCC

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Our experienced and qualified specialists can guide you in share transfer procedures, and administrative support, and help you liquidate a company amongst other specializations.

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