UAE Freelance Visa

Boundless opportunities to build your independent business and life in the UAE
Obtain Residence Permit
A 2-year Freelance Visa automatically qualifies for a 2-year Residence Permit
Sponsor your family
Grants the permission to sponsor a spouse, children, and parents to enter and reside in the UAE
Allows to work as an independent freelancer for companies across the UAE
Enjoy all the benefits of the UAE Freelance Visa
About UAE Freelance Visa

Take advantage of Freelance Visa to enjoy your life in UAE

A Freelance Visa or a Freelance Permit is a type of residence permit which allows the holder to work as a freelance professional in any UAE Free Zone Authority. The visa is valid for a period of two years.

As a sole practitioner, you are able to operate under your birth name rather than a business name. As a freelancer, you will need to select a jurisdiction (one of the Free Zones or the Mainland), select a field of activity, and obtain the required documentation and license.

A Freelancer License in Dubai is valid for one year and must be renewed thereafter.

About UAE Freelance Visa

Requirements to apply for UAE Freelance Visa

Dubai is a hub for the highest level of talent. Therefore, many professionals are looking to relocate in order to take advantage of high standards of living comparable to Western countries as well as a 0% personal income tax rate. This is why the Freelance Permit has been so popular in Dubai. Professionals are able to work remotely while still enjoying all that Dubai has to offer and living their dream lives.

In order to apply for a Freelance Visa in the UAE, you must possess the following qualifications:

  • Obtaining a UAE freelancer license requires a degree certificate, a certificate of previous employment, and a portfolio of background experience
  • Free zone registration is required
Pricing and documents

Pricing and required documents to apply for the UAE Freelance Visa

The application process varies according to the Free Zone you register a Freelance Permit.

Freelance Visa required documents

  • Passport
  • Studio photo in white background
  • Obtaining Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Emirates ID Biometrics
  • Health Insurance Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Previous Employment Certificate, Portfolio
  • Approval from Immigration

Freelance Visa package government fees

The cost of the package starts from AED 15,250 excluding Health Insurance and My Business Consulting DMCC Service Fees. Actual fees will depend on every Authority.

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Considering how much we value and respect the time of our clients when applying for a UAE Residence Visa, we provide them with pick-up from their hotels, transportation to the authorities, and drop-off at their hotels, eliminating the need for them to rush around doing medical tests and collecting documents.

Here is a list of the services that are included in our UAE Freelance Visa Package:

  • Assessment of individual documents
  • Review of the required documents
  • Obtaining an Entry Permit
  • Medical tests and Emirates ID typing
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  • Full assistance with EID biometrics, including transfers
  • Obtaining a visa stamping
  • Collection of Emirates ID
  • Free document expiration notifications

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