Lessons learned along the way to 10th business anniversary

Lessons learned along the way to 10th business anniversary

Truth be told, success is like an iceberg. Three-quarters of its components lay beneath the surface.

There are no overnight success stories. My Business Consulting Company DMCC, has steadily worked its way up the ladder of success for the past 10 years by experiencing hundreds of failures which have now become our guiding principles. In the great year of tolerance and our 10th anniversary, we would like to share these lessons with all of you, our team, partners, clients, and supporters.

Lesson #1: The Client is the King

A business cannot thrive without clients. Therefore, each client should receive the same VIP treatment no matter the varying factors such as background, nationality, etc. Our client’s wish has always been our command, and we serve them to the best of our ability. We are satisfied when we see our clients become successful and we are pleased with the fact that a lot of our clients have remained with us for the past decade.

Lesson #2: Hyper-personalized Services

Focus on providing service to solve a client’s problem. If your focus is only on generating revenue that is the end of the legacy you’re trying to build. Service is everywhere. Frankly, you can buy it at any time, but receiving a joyful service is rare. Our company provides services to clients in a warm and friendly manner. We focus on solving their problems and not just that, but we also address the cause to prevent reoccurrences. We greatly comprehend what it means to be in the service industry, and that is why we ensure hyper-personalized service at all times without capitalizing on any extra mile we go to achieve this.

Lesson #3: Team

Having a supportive team is the key! Our team is our priority, we take care of their needs and they will take care of our business! The word “team” stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More.” Team members enjoy working at My Business Consulting DMCC because everyone understands that if we help each other to solve the client’s issue, everyone will win. We are a family that cares for each other, listen to each other, and take action without procrastination. The best investment we made throughout the years was the time and funds invested in educating and training members of the team.

Lesson #4: Boosting Knowledge

Knowledge is power! Internal and external training is held every week. Dissemination of information is constant, and action is promptly implemented. We learn from the best in the world, crave for more knowledge, and encourage knowledge acquisition among each other and our clients at all times. Out of each training, we pick the key points that match our needs and put them into action immediately. That gave us the crown of a fantastic team! “All For One and One for All”.

Lesson #5: Empathy

If you don’t care about your client’s problem or the demands of your employees, none of them will care about your business. Positive and interpersonal engagement on all company levels, internal and external, is an essential tool that leads to more productivity and success stories. Using empathy as a starting point to build positive engagement drives productivity, by way of support. Our ability to see the world from the perspective of others is one of the most crucial tools in our business toolbox.

10 business lessons from My Business Consulting Dubai.

Lesson #6: System

Build a dynamic system, it saves time and money. Automate anything and everything possible. We are in the Era of Artificial Intelligence; hence, massive technological innovations are occurring around the world. Such changes help the community to save time and effort; we have been benchmarked by several authorities as one of the most organized agent ever. In reality, it is our system which helps us achieve perfection in documentation processes. This allows us to be prompt and accurate at all times. Whenever we notice a specific pattern of actions, we develop a process and procedure for it. With the help of IT expertise, it is converted into an online platform. This reduces the time taken for each step and benefits us not only financially but reputation-wise too.

Lesson #7: Alliance

Build relationships and never burn your bridges. We firmly believe that any company, no matter what circumstance, should never neglect any business relationship. Throughout the 10 years of success in My Business Consulting DMCC, we have acquired over a hundred loyal connections from authorities, banks, and other third-party allies who continually support our company. That includes numerous” competitors.”

Lesson #8: Statistics

Research and analyze statistics. Systems are built to record data. We develop our own software to archive data, organize daily activities, client’s records, and to have access to statistics. The reports we generate are studied, analyzed, and assigned prompt action. Numbers speak. We assess reports frequently to minimize errors as well as to maximize results.

Lesson #9: Legal

Pay attention to legal, commercial, and labor contracts. We are no longer in the medieval period. Hence, verbal confirmation is no longer biding. It is necessary for the company to take in serious consideration the points in the commercial and labor contracts. Disregarding its value may result in a massive financial loss for the company. We pay attention to documents to avoid paying penalties. We follow the principle which states, “Rules are made to be followed.” So we read the contracts, assimilate it and with help from legal professionals, follow it up. This helps reduce risks as much as possible.

Lesson #10: Cash

If you do not need anything urgently, do not buy it. There is an old saying, ” do not bite more than you can chew”. The responsibility of taking care of all team members, their families, and most importantly, always being there for our clients, is a priority. Business occurs in cycles that are what our logo describes. Our message to prospective business owners is, never let people stop you from achieving your goal, vision, or sabotage your dreams!