How to Protect Sales of the Company

How to Protect Sales of the Company with 5 Strategic Rules

One common goal in playing chess is to protect the King. With multiple movements covering all corners of the board, the Queen has the biggest responsibility among the soldiers. Once the King is captured, the game is over.

Management can easily be compared to the game of “Chess”. Sale being the “King” of any company and strategic support being the “Queen” plays a vital role in the management system. Management of the company should always consider all sections as the playing board in Chess game which has several tricky patterns. They should know when to jump in and push through as this will help to maintain the strength and efficiency of their Sales.

Therefore, to maintain our Core values and efficiency of our sales at My Business Consulting DMCC, we imbibe some sales procedures. These procedures though, it’s just five of them enables us to make our sales funnel perfect.

Since these 5 Strategic Rules were implemented in our company, Our outcome and returns have been tremendously great and encouraging, our company revenue has increased by 30% in 2017! Our company played the game well and we have protected our Sales being the King in the management system by the use of Strategic support which is the Queen to its maximum level.

Let us walk you through the 5 strategic procedures that worked.

Rule 1: Treat All People with Dignity

Learn to treat everyone with respect and dignity, starting from your high net-worth customers down to your team members, suppliers, and personnel in the authorities or typing centers, security guards, and also the people you could considered as the least which is the cleaners also must be respected. Remember, soldiers perform their duties as being told, otherwise if provoked, they will form a Coup d’état that can lead to the downfall of your business. Everyone wants to be important in their fields irrespective of what they do, learn to make everyone important as this will not only boost your Sales but also create and maintain a positive and cordial relationship throughout your organizations

Rule 2: Establish All Fundamental Procedures

A good chess player knows all function of each chess pieces before playing the game, no one can start with closed eyes. Each one of the team should know his/her role and how to start playing it. Every company who misguided employees or take their services for granted is expected to suffer from high employee turnover. This is the most common challenge many companies are dealing with as this will reduce the working power of the staff in such company.

The management must never assume that the new joiner is an expert of the Job, thus, a well planned training base on actual job description should be conducted by the management immediately after hiring new joiners to get them familiar with the Job given. These trainings should entail the simplest form of instruction, templates, tips, and help lines.

An ideal procedure can help any company get rid of longer transitions which can drastically drag the sales down. The usual transition of new joiner may take 6 months, but if you have all procedure in place, this can be reduced up to 1 month.

Setting everything in proper place by the use of well-prepared procedures will never let your sales stagnant and any plan for company growth will not delay.

Rule 3: Promote Time-bounded Actions

No task should be given without stipulated deadlines. As the game of chess implies, your moves are time controlled for every chances. To avoid moving backward, everyone must think and move faster as they should. Careful thought should be given to every approach such as given your customers promises as regards the completion of services. When you are unable to meet up with your promises, it affects your Sales power and gradually causing the Company a great havoc.

Company must establish a strategic time frame, wherein excecutives should be able to deliver the services to the Customers on time. Managers ask for daily reports made with excel sheets which is always bulky and confusing to read. Most managers may find this difficult to supervise and control within the time frame, especially when the strength of the team is above ten. This leaves them with the need to invest in software’s such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

If a CRM is initiated in the company, it makes everything easier to track. Managers can easily monitor the progress of every task each team member is currently working with. If it happens that there arise any member who could not meet up with the stipulated time frame, then an action plan will be stitched immediately.

Promote Time-bounded Actions

Rule 4: Maintain Transparency at All Times

Transparency is the right key to long-term and stable relationship with customers. Therefore, it is important to provide them with the right information, most especially on required fees and also proving that the explanation is correct.

Transparency does not only mean being honest with Customers alone, team members need to be considered as well. Management must provide their teams the feeling of being valued by ensuring that their doors are never bolted. The environment must be in a position whereby everyone will have the urge to always open up their ideas and the company must always give attention to their intentions and suggestions. The management should be transparent enough to let the members have the idea of the current position of the company.

The main reason why employees stay longer in any company is because they feel the sense of openness and self worth.

Rule 5: Determine the Result and Decide

Considering the strategies mentioned above, every sections and department in a company must work with one mind to achieve a unique result.

Management is always responsible for making big decisions in the company. Though, there are times when decisions have to be as fast as it could be, this shouldn’t be an excuse for management to relent on their path. A good management should think logically without any delays and put all factors into consideration before making final decision.

This will protect the sales of the company and ensure that the company survives the challenges on its path. If there arise any internal factors preventing the company from making an effective decision, such factors should be considered and followed until they see it all through.

There are times when the management has to decide on the future of their employees whether to keep them or not. This need to be done due to the ineffectiveness of some team members despite the provision of proper training, motivation, and chances made by the company.

Determine the Result and Decide


Having worked for My Business Consulting DMCC for the last 6 years now and also being among the top decision makers in the management team, I can categorically conclude that building a strategic plan for a company might be hectic. There are risks, ups and downs, trials and errors, and uncertainties that management need to consider when making a strategic planning. They should know that changes are bound to occur and no one can avoid it no matter how professional you might be in your field.

The 5 Strategic Rules will be a great help for any company to adapt to changes as fast as they could. As we have rules that guides in playing a chess game effectively, the 5 Strategic Rules will also help the company to develop a full courage and assure their team members that at the end of every challenges, everyone can win.

My Business Consulting DMCC became one of the best chess players in the market using these 5 Strategic Rules explained above and, if you ever wondered how to start changing your strategy, never hesitates to contact us to guide you through. My Business Consulting DMCC is always here to help you.

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Alaina Concepcion Project Manager and Operations Guru

Alaina Concepcion

Project Manager and Operations Guru at My Business Counsulting DMCC