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DMCC Free Zone – the Best Place to Do Business, Live and Work in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is the most popular location for Free Zone company setup in the world. The country has 45 operating Free Zones, which offer such common features: 100 % foreign ownership of the enterprise, no personal income taxes, 100 % repatriation of capital and profits, simplified import, export policies, and UAE Resident Visa Eligibility. Among all operating Free Zones, the most popular of them all is Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). This Free Zone was awarded as Global Free Zone of the Year 2022 by Financial Times’ fDi Magazine for a record eight consecutive years!

DMCC is a hub for international trade and commerce. Home to hundreds of companies worldwide, DMCC provides an ideal location for small businesses to grow into global corporations. Whether you’re in need of office space or a place to call home, there are plenty of options within this fully integrated community — from quaint residences to lavish hotels and spas.

Do you ever wonder why DMCC is the best? Here are a few reasons which are coming from the experiences of investors, employees, and residents.

Why Investors Choose DMCC Free Zone to Set Up Business

1. Prime Location – The DMCC offers a quick and easy setup for SME, Subsidiary, Branch, Joint-venture, and Re-domiciled companies. All companies are provided a DMCC portal access which serves as the user’s direct guide to every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. DMCC companies can also rent warehouses in Jebel Ali which has a direct trading corridor with Al Maktoum International Airport to cater complete trading support. DMCC has the widest range of non-financial regulated business activity amongst all the Free Zone in the UAE (e.g. commodity trading, management consultancy, marketing consultancy, trading of precious stones, IT, etc.) – only at this location your company will be able to find them all under one roof!

DMCC Free Zone Location Dubai

2. Opportunity to Grow – Imagine you’re a small start-up company with an idea for the next big thing. You need funding to get your project off the ground floor, and DMCC Free Zone is there waiting for you. They offer multiple options that are not only good investments but also great opportunities for networking. With 18,000+ member companies from 20+ business sectors interconnected on one platform where possibilities seem endless – what more could someone ask for?

3. Helping its members be compliant – DMCC provides the most up-to-date and accurate information about regulations. They provide free training to all their members, which prepares them for these new changes by clarifying what it takes to be compliant with DMCC’s rules. This allows companies that want nothing more than a hassle-free life in the UAE when it comes to taxes and other legalities and those who may have disputes or problems, they need help sorting out without paying expensive law firms fees.

The Dubai Multi Commodity Centre offers both practical free advice on how best to handle any issues arising from regulatory updates and consulting services at no cost whatsoever – this is something truly invaluable for entrepreneurs.

DMCC Free Zone Diversity

4. Easier Bank Account Opening – DMCC is a company that runs on the principles of compliance. From its very beginning, when it was first formed till today, DMCS has been looking out for every rule and regulation to ensure the safety of all companies under its umbrella. They are always doing random inspections to not miss any violations by these companies because they know how important compliance is if you’re running an international business like them!

DMCC employs qualified employees within their Compliance Department who solely work with other offices worldwide regarding this matter; furthermore, they have implemented multiple policies that include training sessions dedicated specifically for those working at banks or financial institutions about what type of regulations exist.

Why Employees Wish to Work for DMCC companies

1. Accessibility – Jumeirah Lakes Towers (residential area of DMCC) is an area with many access points; locals and visitors alike can easily find their way in. DMCC is the only Free Zone in the UAE that has direct connections to two metro stations (DMCC & Marina Station), and 3 tram stations (JLT, Dubai Marina Mall, and Dubai Marina) which makes it one of the most accessible areas around! There are vast parking options as well for those who prefer not to use public transportation. For transport convenience, JLT also offers Careem Bike and Scooters – pick up from any location within the district so that going just a few hundred feet isn’t such a hassle anymore if you’re on foot without wheels.

JLT DMCC Metro Station Dubai

2. Employment Disputes & Mediation – The DMCC Dispute Centre provides free consultation to employees who face employment issues with their employers. The Consultation is done through mediation between the employer and employee so that they can solve disputes amicably before going through expensive court cases.

3. Free Health & Wellness facility – DMCC promotes a healthy lifestyle which is why most of the office buildings have a gym and pool facility which can be accessed by DMCC company employees.

It is also mandatory for every DMCC company to provide Health Insurance to its employees – DMCC companies cannot complete the process of an Employment Visa for an employee without medical insurance issued.

JLT Best Area To Live Dubai

4. Multi-cultural experience – The DMCC welcomes every nationality to its family-friendly culture and provides opportunities for all employees to broaden their perspectives in a fun, diverse environment while building friendships with other nationalities of the JLT community.

The DMCC is home to 180+ countries from around the world who come together under one roof as colleagues at work or classmates at school. Join DMCC multinational team where you can be part of an international society that emphasizes learning more about different cultures!

Why Dubai Residents Make JLT Their Home

1. The JLT is a great place to live if you’re not bothered by the hustle and bustle of urban living. There are 49 residential buildings in this area, all with direct access to multiple parks, lakes, and beaches! Yes – several areas in JLT can be just 15 minutes walk or 5 minutes drive from Dubai’s iconic beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) – perfect for those who want some sand beneath their feet as well as skyscrapers above them. And there’s plenty more fun on offer in JLT; residents will enjoy everything from open-door cinemas through picnics and dog walks right next door down by one of the many green spaces in JLT.

DMCC Residential Area

2. Your kids will love the child-friendly neighbourhood. There are many parks and playgrounds for them to play in, plus 179 schools with childcare centres where you can drop your kid off while you’re at work! You’ll have no shortage of entertainment options either; their music school has a live band every Saturday morning, they offer pottery classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am – 12 pm (on Fridays too!), and there’s karate on Monday nights! And did we mention that this neighbourhood is home to two dance studios?

DMC -Park Playground

3. If you are looking to explore the vast option for restaurants in Dubai, JLT is a great location. There are three award-winning Timeout UAE restaurants located: Mythos Restaurant with authentic Greek cuisine and an impressive ambiance; Vietnamese Foodies, which offers traditional Vietnamese food with contemporary flavors; Café Isan which has Authentic Thai Street Food along with other delicious dishes from all around Asia. Overall, there are 460 café and restaurant options available where one can experience various cuisines such as Japanese sushi, American barbecue ribs, or Moroccan tagine chicken casserole – to name a few!

Your body is your temple, so it deserves the utmost care. There are 324 fitness and beauty centers in JTL at your service. What you might like the most is that beauty centers are divided into women’s and men’s sections offering various beauty services which include hair, whole body, and facial care.

Dubai Sports JLT Marina

5. JLT is like a one-stop shop! You can find anything you want in JLT. There are 297 retail stores, and DMCC’s Deliveroo service makes it very convenient to order your groceries, clothes, or even home furnishings with just the tap of an app on your phone. The Insta Shop mobile application offers quick delivery for all sorts of products from food items to electronics and everything else – including pet supplies.

Overall, if you are looking for the perfect place to establish your company in Dubai or a location to live – consider DMCC Free Zone as the no. 1 choice.

How Can We Help?

My Business Consulting DMCC was founded in 2009 in DMCC Free Zone and since then has assisted thousands of foreign and local entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in DMCC. Our professionalism has been recognized by multiple local and international awards among which is the Best Performing DMCC Consultant Award which we received seven years in a row. This means that with us you will get the best support and guidance through the whole process of company formation in DMCC followed by hyper-personalized customer service on the road to your success in the UAE.

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