A joyous moment at the CHSA 2023 Gala as My Business Consulting DMCC is announced as a winner in two key categories

Celebrating Excellence at CHSA 2023

My Business Consulting DMCC’s Triumph at the Customer Happiness Summit Awards 2023

The Customer Happiness Summit & Awards (CHSA) is a prestigious event in the Gulf region dedicated to honouring companies that prioritize customer satisfaction and happiness. This year, in its 5th edition, CHSA has solidified its reputation as a transparent and fair platform, attracting over 180 submissions with 47 finalists across more than 20 categories.

Amidst this competitive landscape, My Business Consulting DMCC emerged as a standout winner, clinching awards in two significant categories. The firm, renowned for its comprehensive business solutions, including Business Setup, Immigration, and Tax Compliance, showcased unwavering dedication to customer happiness.

Keren Jadhav - My Business Consulting DMCC Wins Big at Customer Happiness Awards 2023

Silver Winner: Customer Happiness Champion of the Year – Ms. Keren Jadhav 

Ms. Keren Jadhav, the CEO of My Business Consulting DMCC, was honoured as the Silver Winner in the ‘Customer Happiness Champion of the Year’ category. Her leadership style, marked by honesty, transparency, and integrity, has been pivotal in the company’s success. With over two decades of international experience, Ms. Jadhav has fostered a culture of growth, investing in her team’s development and setting clear goals. Her influence extends beyond the company, contributing to publications, educational forums, and industry events. Ms. Jadhav’s commitment to customer happiness and her role in the UAE’s growth trajectory makes her a deserving recipient of this award.

Keren Jadhav, CEO of My Business Consulting DMCC, proudly receiving the Silver Customer Happiness Champion Award at CHSA 2023.

Gold Winner: Best Omnichannel Initiative to Enhance Customer Happiness – My Business Consulting DMCC 

The ‘Best Omnichannel Initiative to Enhance Customer Happiness’ award was bestowed upon My Business Consulting DMCC, acknowledging our exceptional approach to seamless customer experiences. Our use of various communication channels like webchat, a rapid 55 Seconds call back service, WhatsApp, dedicated account managers, and a robust social media presence underscores our commitment to convenient and consistent customer service. By integrating CRM systems and advanced communication methods, we have effectively managed challenges such as uniform responses and staying abreast of regulations. This tech-savvy approach has not only resulted in significant revenue growth but has also earned us over 35 prestigious awards, highlighting our role in advancing the UAE’s business landscape.

My Business Consulting DMCC team celebrating their Gold win in Best Omnichannel Initiative at the Customer Happiness Awards 2023

The success of My Business Consulting DMCC at the CHSA 2023 is a testament to the team’s dedication to customer happiness and their role as a leader in customer-centric practices. As a company that has consistently exceeded expectations and cultivated strong customer relationships, our achievements at the awards ceremony, held on October 13th at Taj Business Bay, are a source of inspiration for businesses aiming for excellence in customer service.