My Business Consulting DMCC Excels at InvestPro Conference in Istanbul

This year’s InvestPro conference in Istanbul, Turkey, served as a global nexus for business leaders and investors, where My Business Consulting DMCC emerged as a key figure. With a strong delegation led by our CEO Keren Jadhav and notable speakers, including Svetlana Kursheva, the team brought a wealth of expertise from Dubai and the UAE to the international stage.

A Hub for International Business Collaboration

Over the course of the event, 14 esteemed speakers shared their insights with an audience of more than 250 delegates. Additionally, 11 innovative exhibitors showcased their distinctive services.

Delegates from 23 countries were represented, including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Grenada, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, the UAE, and the United Kingdom.

The conference successfully facilitated valuable networking, knowledge sharing, and international business collaboration among all attendees.

Keynote Presentation: Unlocking Opportunities in the UAE

Svetlana Kursheva, our Senior Customer Service Manager, delivered an insightful keynote on “Unlocking Opportunities of the UAE,” which was met with enthusiastic feedback from the audience. This presentation not only highlighted the investment potential in the UAE but also showcased our teams depth of knowledge and commitment to facilitating business and investment opportunities. Her detailed discourse highlighted the event, drawing significant interest and leading several companies to discuss partnerships and set up opportunities with us post-event.

Our team at the conference included notable executives such as Messy Sukesh, Managing Director of MBC Real Estate LLC; Alaina Concepcion, our COO; and Dilnoza Rakhmonova, Corporate Service Executive. Each played a crucial role in representing our firm’s diverse capabilities in Corporate Services, Accounting, Real Estate, and Taxation.

Exhibition and Networking: Business Setup in the UAE

Our exhibition space was a bustling hub of activity where we engaged with over 200 delegates, including top management, business owners, and high-net-worth individuals from various industries and countries. The attendees’ demographics were as diverse as their professional backgrounds, spanning over 20 countries, making the My Business Consulting DMCC team the only UAE-based company to serve as a speaker and exhibitor at this prestigious event.

The response to our participation was overwhelmingly positive. After Svetlana’s presentation, many attendees praised the clarity and comprehensiveness with which we covered the UAE’s investment landscape, including business setup opportunities in the UAE. This led to substantive discussions on-site, with several entities expressing interest in forming immediate business relationships.

Forging Strong Relationships

Apart from the conference activities, our team had the opportunity to meet with longstanding partners and clients, strengthening existing relationships and exploring future collaborations. These interactions underscored the strong network and respect that My Business Consulting DMCC commands in international circles.

Reflections and Future Directions

InvestPro Istanbul was not only a platform for business development but also an occasion for our team to immerse themselves in the rich cultural and business environment of Turkey. This experience has energized our team and reinforced our position as leaders in the business consulting industry, ready to bridge businesses across borders with our expertise and strategic insights.

As we continue to follow up with the connections made at InvestPro, our team remains committed to leveraging our international exposure to benefit our clients and partners. Stay tuned for more updates as we expand our horizons and continue to make a mark in the global business landscape.