Freelance Visa in Dubai — Why to Choose and How to Obtain

Freelance Visa in Dubai — Why to Choose
and How to Obtain

You've heard the expression, "Be your own boss?" Well, now you have a chance to do just that. By choosing to obtain a Freelance visa in Dubai, you can become an independent legal contractor, working for yourself and enjoying total freedom and independence. You can select the clients you want to work with, set your working hours, control the workload, and collaborate with various employers on the UAE market looking for hiring out services when needed to be done quickly and professionally.

Why Freelancing Becomes Popular in Dubai?

Dubai is a hub for the best of talent. As a result, many professionals are looking to relocate, chasing lucrative opportunities of living in a safe environment, enjoying state-of-art city infrastructure, beautiful beaches, international education, healthcare standards on par with Western countries, and 0% personal income tax. For this reason, obtaining a Freelance permit in Dubai became so popular as professionals can work remotely while still enjoying all Dubai has to offer and live their dream life.

With the current pandemic situation making businesses suffer, many full-time employees have lost their jobs. Those who are unfortunate to lose a job are expats with families having no intention of returning to their home country - freelancing could be the next best option to keep their UAE Residence Visa active and work legally here in Dubai! Freelance work also provides opportunities for expatriates looking for new careers; being able to freelance while living abroad can be one of the most rewarding career move you'll ever make.

Benefits of Working as a Freelancer

There are many benefits of a Freelance permit in the UAE. First, you can apply for a UAE Residence Visa, which is available to you and your direct family members. Second, the sponsorship comes from yourself only, which means that you have total freedom over-controlling visa status as long as you comply with the Authority's regulations, which issued the Freelance permit.

The other benefit listed was several points that would help make one eligible for said permits:

Independence: Working alone will give you the chance to be more independent and in control of your work. You can decide when, where, or for how long you want to do what needs doing. As a freelancer, you can work with many different clients without limitations; make sure your Freelance permit activity covers the projects that are being done. Freelancing widens horizons and provides an exciting opportunity for those who want it!

Freedom of Choosing the Clients: As a freelance worker, you can decide which clients you feel comfortable employing. There's also more freedom on how much money you make than those typically found within regular employment positions because your paychecks aren't tied directly into hours worked like most full-time jobs would require you to do. One downside for some people, though, can be a lack of time management because they have no boss or colleague telling them what needs to be done when - but there are ways around this issue.

Control of Assignments: As a freelancer, you can choose meaningful projects and work on natural tasks. You get to have the freedom of setting your hours and working as much or little as desired without having someone breathing down your neck. As a freelance worker, it's all about choosing what is best for you - whether you should spend more time at home with family/friends or if, instead, you want to focus your energy in one place for an extended time. As long as you're passionate about whatever project(s) you take up, it's beneficial because they will satisfy you and provide great opportunities from personal experience and skills sets.

Flexibility: With the freedom that you have with assignments and clients, it's up to you how much time you want to commit. You are in control of your work schedule, so if there is a project or client who requires more attention than others, they will always come first!

Most Popular Freelancing Activities in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city that offers diverse opportunities. Out of the most popular freelancing activities available there, here are ten you should check out!

What is the Legal Way to Obtain a Freelance Permit in Dubai?

Applicants who are entitled under this program should meet the following criteria and requirements:

  • Passport: Should be valid for at least six months. Kindly include the signature page. Original will be required for verification.

  • Bank Reference Letter: Must be obtained from the bank to have an active personal bank account and provide in original with bank stamp.

  • The latest 6-month personal bank statement, electronic bank statements will suffice.

  • Applicant's detailed Resume/CV with a complete list of working experience.

  • Credentials and Certificates: Any supporting documents for your career, educational or professional linked to the activity chosen for freelancing.

A-List of Dubai Free Zones offering Freelance Permit:

  • Dubai South

  • Dubai Media City

  • Dubai Studio City

  • Dubai Production City

  • Dubai Knowledge Park

  • Dubai Design District

Freelancing is a great way to find work and get the life you want. We hope all the information shared above helps you understand that freelancers are just as valuable and crucial to society but have different needs than employees to be successful. So, if you're feeling like starting your freelance journey in Dubai, we encourage you to take advantage of professional help to choose the best package and obtain the Freelance permit fast.

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