5 reasons to choose My Business Consulting DMCC

5 reasons to choose My Business Consulting DMCC as your Corporate Services Provider

There are plenty of corporate service providers out there, but with so much choice comes hard decisions. How do you know which provider is the right one for you? At My Business Consulting DMCC, we want to make things easy for you when making integral business decisions – so much so that we’ve picked out our very best accolades to help your vision become clearer.

Choosing to work with us is a true representation of your business. Our unique combination of honesty, paired together with our highly-skilled advisors, our gleaming reputation and family-like ethos, make running your business a dream – keep reading to find out exactly why we would make the most fantastic partnership for you and your business – because you always deserve the best.

Providing with solutions

There’s nothing worse than asking for advice and receiving another problem in response. At My Business Consulting DMCC, that will never happen – and that’s a fact. Our specialised team are on-hand to respond to clients within 24 hours for initial requests, and provide clear time frames for further action, to ease any issue and provide solutions to ensure that you keep moving forward without any added hassle.

What’s better still, the first consultation with us is absolutely free – yes, you read that correctly! Whereas most consultants charge from the very first session, we’re different. We deliver on our promises and ensure that our commitments are fulfilled, so whether you are a brand new client or a long-time established partner, the same support will be accessible. We keep our clients updated on the progress of requested services, so you will always know the state of play.

Transparency is key

That’s why we list our prices clearly, and don’t have any hidden fees. We have a transparent policy, and our fees for different FZs can be found on our website.

We have a very concrete relationship with government authority and banks, which has been built up from years of dedicated work together – and we want to share that with you. With over 18 years’ experience in the UAE accounts and finance, we have a tangible understanding of local rules and regulations, as well as the mentality of doing business. We can guarantee that our advice, based on our thorough experience as well as our long-standing reputation, will provide you with security.

Clients are family

And like families, we stick together through thick and thin, through the bad times and the good. The majority of our clients come from referrals from existing clients, proving how our service is second-to-none.

We are accessible by different types of media, so wherever you are, we are able to help. Whether that’s via Skype, over email, or on the phone, we are ready to assist you – you can even visit us in one of our luxurious offices in JLT, Indigo Tower, where our clients are able to visit us for a face-to-face session. This is something very few other consultancies offer – and at My Business Consulting DMCC, we believe it’s something that sets us apart from the pack.

But that’s not where our commitment ends – even after the handover of service, we will continue to serve our clients by providing daily updates on UAE economics, via our social media. It’s just one of the ways of proving our long standing commitment to you, by giving back more than we receive.

Evolving, learning, gaining knowledge. Constantly.

We don’t believe in standing still, and being complacent. Our customized software means that any client data is available as requested, helping us to serve our clients at the highest level, always. We make sure that we let you know when your company documents are close to expiring so that we can act fast on your behalf, enabling you to maintain focus on running your business, whilst we look after the background.

Our team is built up of experienced and multinational business consultants who serve our clients in multiple languages. Their skillsets are constantly evolving – we have weekly and monthly training sessions for our team to make sure that our clients deal with highly educated experts. We believe that learning should be something that continues until the last day of someone’s life, and it’s an ethos that extends out to our workforce.

We are always developing and striving to be even better for our clients, through technological advances and garnering knowledge and experience – this is just one of the reasons why we were named The Most Innovative Consultant (as well as many, many other awards along the way!)

You are our priority

We believe that trust is so important in business. You need to feel secure with your corporate services provider, safe in the knowledge that both their wealth of experience and human heartbeat and ethos will keep your business safe. It’s time to build your multimillion fortune in the UAE – and there’s no better partner than My Business Consulting DMCC to do it with. Get in touch today and get started.

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It’s time to build your multimillion fortune in the UAE – and there’s no better partner than My Business Consulting DMCC to do it with. Get in touch today and get started.

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