Our History Over Past 10 Years

10 Years of Excellence Our Dubai Success Story

This year My Business Consulting DMCC celebrates its 10th anniversary. 10 years of excellence in service delivery, togetherness, 10 years of sharing and support, of coaching and learning, 10 years of exceptional partnerships and trust!

Throughout the years we’ve gone from a start-up venture with two employees and just a single customer to turn into the leading company in the field of business consulting in the UAE. We’ve gained invaluable experience both in times of rapid economic growth and in times of crisis, which made us much more grounded and progressively experienced.

As per statistics only 4 out of 100 companies survive till 10 years, subsequently crossing the decade mark makes us feel the pride to be in those 4 % as for us, it’s the next a starting point towards continuous improvement, promotion of our values and mission to develop a culture of excellent services both in the UAE market and beyond.


Dream BIG, Achieve BIGGER!