Best consultant award 2018 goes to My Business Consulting.

Proud to receive Top Performing Consultant 2018 & Best DMCC Promoter 2018 Awards

“When someone says you can’t do it – do it twice and take pictures” – we did it THREE TIMES IN A ROW!

My Business Consulting DMCC is exceptionally proud to announce that our dedication and extreme efforts in the enhancement of Customer Experience were recognized by the DMCC Consultant Awards in two categories:

Top Performing Consultant 2018

Third consecutive year – following Top Performing Consultant 2016 and 2017

Best DMCC Promoter 2018

Second consecutive year – following Best Marketing Campaign 2017

My Business Consulting DMCC wins best consultant award 2018.

DMCC is a dedicated global center of trade, awarded “Global Free Zone of the Year” by the Financial Times’ fDi Magazine for an unprecedented fourth time, and is home to more than 15,000 member companies, ranging from large corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Top Performing Consultant Award is meant to celebrate the fruitful collaboration of DMCC and Consultant companies all over UAE. Every year DMCC recognizes just 20 best consultancy companies in the region, and My Business Consulting DMCC is absolutely happy that our diligent work and dedication was recognized by the Top Performing Consultant 2018 Award – third consecutive year, and by Best DMCC Promoter 2018 Award – second award in a row.

“We are very proud to work with DMCC. Their consistent up and up development powers all industry members to pursue their example and develop services in a more efficient way. DMCC is the proverbial “engine of progress” that enables businesses to grow, develop and improve. We admire their innovative approach in working with partners and customers, as well as their contribution to the development of the country’s economy. The opening of the VAT clinic this year itself was truly an astounding occasion, which no one but DMCC could contribute.

Our excellence awards are a result of day-to-day hard work, commitment to our Customers and endless enthusiasm. These honors again prove our reputation on the UAE market as a trusted and reliable partner, as only during 2018 we have launched 17 new corporate services to deliver the highest level of expertise and Customer Service. We are constantly working on new useful content for our Clients as they must be well informed to make the right decisions on their business journey in the UAE, so, I think these awards is a payback for our hard work and a huge motivation for us to outperform in 2019!” – was the feedback of Kamelia Allow, CEO of My Business Consulting DMCC.

Staff of My Business Consulting with 2018 best consultant award.