Benefits of Working at My Business Consulting DMCC

Benefits of Working at My Business Consulting DMCC

The UAE is a truly global country, with Dubai serving as its financial capital and a major business destination around the world. In the heart of its dynamic and multicultural city, My Business Consulting DMCC helps entrepreneurs and investors find their feet.

Since 2009, we have taken huge strides in becoming the premier business setup consultant in the UAE. Today, we manage a growing clientele from over 80 countries thanks to our award-winning team of consultants, finance experts, and HR personnel. Here are 6 main reasons that make My Business Consulting DMCC one of the best companies to work for in the UAE!

1. Unlock Your True Potential

We are an organisation that believes it is the workforce which form the corporate culture. The best thing about our corporate culture is empowerment. We strive to help each other become the best versions of themselves. This is one of the reasons why our retention levels are so high. We always work towards making our colleagues and peers better, and thanks to our highly driven leadership, we have seen success. So it’s no surprise that we have been recognised for our efforts and hard work.

2. Work Closely With Clients

A major reason why the retention levels of our clients is high is because we encourage our employees to have a personalised approach to consultation and other service we provide. We firmly believe that when the workforce is motivated, it translates to better service and value for the client. Maintaining close coordination with the clients is a key part of our work culture. After all, they bring the business and are the reason why we have grown tremendously since our inception. So one thing our employees can look forward is having a hands-on relationship with the clients.

3. Hands-On Training

The corporate culture at My Business Consulting DMCC is empowering and we are strong advocates of training our employees so that they can become better at what they do and grow their skillsets. We view training as an investment in our employees so that they can reward us back with stellar performance. In addition to internal training programs, we also organize and encourage our employees to attend external training sessions. These range from general training sessions where they learn about their roles and responsibilities as employees in a UAE company, to specialized training programs for Business Set up, consulting, reporting and more.

4. Open Door Management

Here at My Business Consulting DMCC we follow the open door management policy and encourage all our employees to voice their opinions on all types of matters. Whether it’s the office decor or servicing our clients better, we take all types of feedback from our workforce through open-ended conversations. And that has worked! Our phenomenal growth is a testament to the fact that our open door policy is bringing in the results we envisioned. We value feedback and appreciate constructive criticism because knowing where you are right and where you can improve is the key to success for a successful business.

5. Unlimited Room for Growth

If you are an expert on business registration in Dubai who is looking to grow their skillset, this is the best place to be. There is no ceiling to how much you can grow and the skills that you can learn. We heavily invest in our employees because after all, they are the reason why a business succeeds or fails. Supportive supervision, honest mentoring, and encouraging environment of our workplace has helped many of our employees climb the ladder of success. Those who started as business setup consultants with us today find themselves in managerial positions, living their dreams!

6. We Simply Love What We Do

When you don’t love your work, you aren’t excited about coming to work. We firmly believe that creating a fun, creative, and resourceful environment can help you become productive, happy, and at peace. The reason we do this is because we want you to love work and working with us. Positivity and good vibes are always found at My Business Consulting DMCC. We hope to improve your self-confidence and empower you with ability to improve your life. Hard work is always rewarded and appreciated here. We make you love your job which helps you love your life!

My Business Consulting DMCC is a pioneer in business setup in the UAE. We have helped over a thousand clients with business registration in Dubai to their daily accounts and annual financial reporting. All this would not have been possible without our world-class team. So this blog is to appreciate their efforts, and inspire future employees to find their feet at the Best Corporate Services Provider in the UAE!

If you are an Expert in Corporate Services and looking for better place to perform, pls send your CV or a link of your LinkedIn profile to our HR Manager at My Business Consulting DMCC [email protected].