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Why it costs less to outsource PRO services

Obtaining a Residence Visa in Dubai might be complicated and time-consuming process due to the several procedures involved. You may end up wasting several days away from work if you try to handle the complete process on your own. For the past four years, I am leading the Customer Service department at My Business Consulting DMCC, where we assist foreigners in getting their Residence Visa in Dubai. Today I would love to share with you my expertise gained through eye-opening real-life examples and make a case for why it is vital to have a trustworthy professional agent to avoid losing your time and money.

Let’s begin with an easy example – once you’ve got your business setup in Dubai, you wish to apply for a UAE Residence Visa for yourself, your employees and your family. You can go through the process on your own, but it will obviously distract you from running your business as the procedure is quite confusing. Alternatively, you may opt to outsource the whole procedure to an expert. For delegating this process, you must pay a service fee.

I beg you to find out beforehand what exactly you are paying for to avoid any unpleasant surprise later on. I love when at the time of hiring someone for a single job, the person/company being hired tells me: “No problem! We will do it all!” That sounds to me that they will cover everything from A to Z. But after being into this business for many years, I understood that it would save me lots of time and nerves if both parties involved clearly understand what “ALL” stands for. And so should do you!

Firstly, please, make sure to grasp the complete process of obtaining a UAE Residence Visa. To help our clients we have prepared a video on “How to Obtain a UAE Residence Visa” to clarify each step, which you will find helpful for sure. In this way, when speaking to your PRO service provider, be sure to understand which specific part of the job/steps they will do and what you are expected to do by yourself. That will help you evaluate if the money you pay for the service is worth the job that is done by this service provider.

Why it cost less to outsource PRO services.

In today’s dynamic market with tons of client’s requests, chasing targets and business goals, it might be a better decision to estimate what is more valuable for you: time dedicated to your clients or a time-wasting admin job?!

Consequently, I have decided to share with you the list of reasons why it’s far more efficient and cost-effective to delegate this work to professional PRO service providers in the UAE compared to doing it all in-house or with the help of low qualified specialists.

Expert Partner

At all times choose an expert partner who is knowledgeable and up-to-date with all the changes in the authority’s rules, procedures, and laws. As an example, ask your PRO adviser – can he train your in-house specialists on all the procedures? If he can’t – call me, I will do it gladly, and you will safeguard your business from huge penalties for non-compliance.


When outsourcing UAE Residence Visa application procedure for your employees and their dependents, you save a lot of time as you don’t need to visit any authorities and governmental offices or wait in queues (unless you love it, which I doubt). That means you are saving the time of your employees so that they can focus more on the core of your business.


Any skilled or semi-skilled in-house PRO specialist in Dubai will cost you much more than an outsourced team of professionals. Therefore, calculate thoroughly how much money you will spend on just one in-house Visa Specialist with all his employment fees, deposits, tickets, health insurance, sick leaves, public holidays, vacations, gratuity, not to mention a car, insurance, renewal, maintenance… So why not do cost-cutting and additionally get a high quality of service as a bonus?

Dedicated Consultant

Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager and Dedicated HR Manager. These account managers are skilled in handling all challenging procedures. They are literally available 24/7 to answer all queries and to give all the clarifications.

No Surprises

Professional PRO companies in UAE are 100% compliant with the UAE law. I can bet that you would not wish to get your UAE Residence Visa rejected two days before you are planning to take a flight abroad. With a professional service provider, this simply can’t happen!

To illustrate our point further, our clients are regularly sending us grateful messages as they get automatic reminders on which documents they need to submit to authorities when to renew corporate documents, submit audit reports, prolong Residence Visas and much more. For us it doesn’t take any extra effort – we simply program these reminders as per the needs of every single client, and they get reminders on the expiration of documents 60 & 30 days before the due date.


When it comes to a proper record keeping, you might need a breakdown off all expenses, but in most cases, you will never receive it from low-cost agencies. On the contrary, professionals will always provide you with a thorough report on every single dirham spent on your UAE Residence Visa with all receipts from governmental bodies. Make sure you get it, as particularly deposits, you cannot withdraw in the future if you don’t have the original receipt.

Day to Day Updating

Our main principle of work is to provide the daily updates with any amendments to the Authorities’ regulations. At the same time, the client is updated with the status of all ongoing services on a daily basis. How valuable can that be for your business?

No Risks

Outsourcing professional PRO services in the UAE will help your company avoid many pitfalls with applications and will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the result. So, stay compliant at all times by outsourcing your UAE residence visa applications!

If you have read this article until this point, it means that you are a businessman who treasures his time and money. Thus, I will be glad to provide my valuable expert advice – simply contact me and let me propose to you a customized PRO package as per your business needs.

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