UAE Citizenship for Expatriates – How to Get an Emirati Passport

UAE Citizenship for Expatriates – How to Get an Emirati Passport

The United Arab Emirates is a one of a kind blend of a quickly developing economy, solace, steadiness, a great way of life, and safety. The UAE has secured itself as one of the world’s premier business centers, a prestegious environment to live and work in, while in terms of investment the UAE offers a large variety of opportunities, so entrepreneurs from all over the world choose UAE for long-term investments and business development. Thus, the UAE Government has launched the most anticipated Citizenship Program for expatriates.

In January 2021, the UAE Government approved amendments to the Executive Regulation of the Citizenship and Passports Law allowing specific categories of foreigners, their spouses, and children to acquire Emirati nationality. The amendment stipulates certain conditions for each category and allows the naturalized citizen to retain his original nationality.

Citizenship programme will provide great advantages, not to mention that as per Henley Passport Index the passport of the United Arab Emirates is ranked 15th most powerful passport t globally in Q1 2022:

  • UAE passport holders can now enter 175 destinations around the world visa-free;
  • No income tax is collected from UAE passport holders, and filing a tax return is not required;
  • Free housing, farm land, education, grants to study abroad and a lot of money/capital is taken care of by the government;
  • Emirati national can own property other than rest expatriates are buying properties on terms of a 99-year lease;
  • Safe and stable environment for families;
  • UAE passport holders are allowed to hold the dual citizenship.
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Who is Eligible to Obtain Сitizenship of the UAE

Please pay attention to the following conditions required to be eligible to apply for UAE citizenship and what is even more important note, that upon breach of the conditions, citizenship can be withdrawn.

The following categories of foreigners can be nominated for UAE nationality:

  • Investors
  • Doctors
  • Specialists
  • Scientists
  • Intellectuals
  • People with creative talent

Here are the conditions for each category of nominees:

  • An investor must own a property in the UAE.
  • A doctor or specialist must be specialized in a scientific discipline of high demand in the UAE. He/she must have acknowledged scientific contributions and practical experience of not less than 10 years. He/she must have membership in a reputable organization in the field of specialization.
  • A scientist is required to be an active researcher either at a university, research center, or in the private sector. Applicants must have a minimum of 10 years of practical experience in the same field and have contributed to it. In addition, he/she must also have a recommendation letter from a recognized scientific institution in the UAE.
  • An inventor must have one or more patents that are approved by the UAE’s Ministry of Economy (MoE) or any other reputable international body. He/she must also have a recommendation letter from the MoE.
  • People with creative talent in the arts and culture field should be pioneers and have won at least one international award. Government agencies must also provide a recommendation letter.

Other conditions for applicants:

  • Take the oath of allegiance and loyalty to the UAE
  • Commit to abide by the UAE’s laws
  • Any change in citizenship should be reported to the UAE government entity
How to get Emirati passport, UAE citizenship.

UAE Citizenship by Investment

UAE citizenship by investment was announced in 2021. Historically, GCC countries have never
granted citizenship to foreigners, providing them only with residency permits and visas.

In order to contribute to the UAE economy, the United Arab Emirates is seeking special talent and investors. UAE citizenship eligibility will be determined by the cabinet, executive councils, and local courts. The law was amended by Vice-President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to “attract talents that contribute to their development”.

Benefits of UAE citizenship by investment for you and your family:

  • Live, work, and study in the UAE. UAE citizenship gives you and your family the right to live, work, and study in the Emirates.
  • Family reunification. As an applicant, you’re allowed to add your spouse and children to the program.
  • Register assets without restrictions. UAE citizens are not subject to the restrictions that foreigners and expatriates face when registering their assets.
  • Open bank accounts and establish companies in the UAE.
  • Visa-free access to 175 countries with a UAE passport
Benefits of UAE citizenship by investment for you and your family

Dual Citizenship in the UAE

According to the new UAE citizenship law, those who are granted UAE citizenship may keep their existing citizenship, but they must check with their respective native country rules regarding this matter.

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