Top 8 Reasons Entrepreneurs Choose to Register Business in Dubai

Among the many Tax Free Zones of the world, UAE is one of the choice destinations for business registration for many companies. Company formation in Dubai can be a smooth process when you have My Business Consulting DMCC supporting you with all the requirements for business setup in Dubai.

Dubai has become one of the most alluring destinations for registering a business because of many reasons. As a corporation service company, we have found that many businesses find Dubai to be suitable for doing business because of these 8 reasons.

1. It is Tax Free!

Taxation laws in the UAE are very lenient when compared to many other countries of the world. With Dubai growing into a competitive business center of the world, it has been a magnet for startups as well as established businesses looking for a tax free zone to set up their business. The people of Dubai enjoy tax free income since there is tax free on personal income and tax free on profits. No one likes to part with even the smallest fraction of their hard-earned money. So enjoy all of your earnings by registering your business in tax free Dubai and obtain your residence.

While tax free income is the subject of our discussion, it is worth noting that UAE has signed double taxation agreements with a number of countries to ensure that entrepreneurs can run their business without having to worry about paying taxes to their country of origin.

2. You Can Get Tax Residency

Starting a business in Dubai gives business owners the opportunity of taking up residence in the UAE. This reduces their overall tax burden and helps them enjoy higher profitability through the products or services that they provide.

If you are not aware of the visa process to obtain a resident visa then you don’t have to worry. My Business Consulting DMCC has a team of experienced professionals who have can help you through the process of getting residence in Dubai. We have been providing visa services for 12 years which has helped us amass a wealth of knowledge and information related to visa requirements, especially when you are looking for tax residency.

3. Dubai is a Growing Business Hub

Businesses often tend to thrive in a region where other business have already established their foundations successfully. This is because the region becomes viable in a number of ways for other businesses by means of infrastructure, accessibility to talent, and ease of transportation. This is why businesses usually identify the most successful business hubs in a country before trying to establish their own business.

Dubai has gained a lot of traction in recent years from prospective business owners. This has led to the transformation of Dubai into an emerging financial center of the world where entrepreneurs from almost all parts of the world wish to register their business. We have provided our business consulting services to many companies who started their business in Dubai and are currently running a profitable and successful enterprise.

4. Banking in Dubai is Easy and Smooth

Businesses get a genuine boost in their operations when they have an organized banking system to support their growth requirements. The success of a company largely depends on the availability of the right form of credit, ease of banking and accessibility to banks which have a global presence. For companies who register in Dubai, all of this is never a problem because if you are planning a business setup in Dubai then you will be able to easily open an account with one of the international banks here and avail easy credits for the growth of your business within the Tax Free Zones.

5. People of All Proficiencies are Available for Employment

Whether you are looking for unskilled labor or highly skilled employees, Dubai is brimming with people from different nationalities and all of them are looking for an opportunity to work with a good brand. The accessibility to a huge pool of prospective employees from different age groups, education and skills who have taken up residence in Dubai makes it easy for businesses to strengthen their operations in Dubai. It is never easy to start a business, but with the right set of employees, the journey is a lot smoother.

6. Avant-garde Innovative Infrastructure

The development of a company often depends on the availability of good infrastructure that can foster growth. Dubai is known for its skyscrapers, exceptional architecture and eye-catching buildings. This is complemented by the availability of robust civic amenities, well-maintained roads and a strong public transportation system. Having provided business consulting services to numerous companies over the last 12 years, we have realized that the availability of such world-class infrastructure has motivated many companies to set up base in Dubai.

7. A Stable Government and a Competitive Economy

Companies are subjected to the rules and regulations laid down by the central and state governments. This is why many business owners have to do a lot of research about the region and the regulations followed in the region before they start their business. Dubai offers a stable government where businesses can prosper.

The presence of many big and small companies also brings in healthy competition into the business landscape of Dubai. Competition encourages companies to innovate which in turn keeps them aiming higher when it comes to profitability and returns.

8. Adherence of Rules and Regulations by Everyone

In addition to being a tax free country, the UAE is known for the high standards of living of people who have taken up residence in the country. It is the safest country in the world where everyone follows the rules. It is home to some of the most reputed universities, schools and hospitals of the world. By providing world-class amenities like these to its residents, Dubai has encouraged better standards of living and helps in providing a congenial environment for running a business successfully.

Setting up a business is as easy as you make it. With My Business Consulting DMCC, you would never have to be burdened by too many problems related to starting your business in Dubai and obtaining residence for you and your family. We handle everything from licensing to helping you open a bank account so that your company can firmly set its foot in Dubai and operate smoothly by achieving its objectives and attaining continual success.

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