PRO and Admin Service Packages Terms and Conditions

PRO and Admin Service Packages
Terms and Conditions

  1. Fees are subject to additional an 5% Value Added Tax (VAT).
  2. Client shall:
    1. Facilitate My Business Consulting DMCC with admin access (email and password) of their company to enable access to the DMCC portal;
    2. Duly sign and stamp an Appointment of Company Coordinator Letter and submit it to DMCC;
    3. Provide any documents (licenses, passports, cards, etc.) immediately upon request.
  3. Client shall pay in full the annual cost of the package in the first month of the contract period, so henceforth the client benefits overall discount of services specified in the associated package.
  4. The lump sum amount of the annual package fee is non-refundable, even if the client is not availing full services specified in the associated package.
  5. The volume of work per quarter should be reviewed & discussed in an exclusive meeting to be held every quarter of the contract term.
  6. All governmental and other third-party fees and deposits are not included in the service package fees, which will be paid by the client upon the time as per the invoices OR directly to the governmental authority.
  7. If any bill is not settled or we do not receive money on account of costs, within a reasonable period of the request and prior to due date, we reserve the right not to continue acting for you.
  8. The Client shall bear full liability and shall indemnify the Service Provider for any damages incurred when the Client does not provide or delayed the provision of the requested documents and/or information or provide wrong, misleading, faulty or fake documents or information.
  9. Any services which are not mentioned in the Scope of services will be charged at a 10% discount on regular fee and paid additionally.
  10. Should the client choose and pay for a package and then would like to change any of the services included, he shall inform the Service Provider and agree on the possibility of change provided it is equivalent to the total amount of the package paid for.
  11. Upon completion of the annual contract and/or customized packages, any unutilized services are none refundable.
  12. The service provider has no liability to serve the client if the client is found Involved in any activity which is considered unlawful or illegal according to UAE law.
  13. The service provider shall not be responsible for the execution of an order without receiving written confirmation of the client.
  14. The service provider will not be held liable for non-execution of service or payment to 3rd parties due to lack of documentation presented on time as well as timely remittances from the client.
  15. The services shall have effects for a period of twelve months from the date of receiving a full annual fee for the service package.