My Agent Program - My Business Consulting

My Agent Program
Terms and Conditions

  1. My Business Consulting DMCC will provide 10% commission to the participant of MY AGENT Program for the first set of services requested and paid by each new client referred by the Agent.
  2. The agent may receive up to 3,000 AED commission for a complete package for Dubai Free Zone company set-up, where client requested: Company Set-up, Bank Account Opening, 1st Resident Visa for Employee and at least 2 dependents.
  3. The commission shall be payable only in respect of each Completed Transaction occurring within 30 days from the completing of each mandate, following the Introduction of the Prospective Client to the Company.
  4. The Company will pay the Commission Fee by cheque or bank transfer on the last business day of each calendar month following that calendar month in which the completed transaction occurred.
  5. The Introducer acknowledges and agrees that, where a client introduced by him subsequently cancels an agreement with the Company which attracted payment of a Fee and in the unlikely event for that the Fee has been paid to the Introducer, the Introducer shall be liable to repay the Fee, pro rata in relation to the amount reimbursed by the Company to the client.