Limited Liability Company Formation (LLC) Registration in UAE

Limited Liability Company Formation (LLC)


Starting a business Dubai is now easier than ever, especially if you are planning to open a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The vision of the Department of Economic Development (DED) of Dubai is finally coming to light in helping business owners launch and expand business without the need for complicated regulations, processes and administration. As such, establishing an LLC company in Dubai can turn out to be a viable proposition.

To set up a Limited Liability Company, there are two jurisdictions in Dubai: Dubai “mainland” on one hand, and more than 30 economic free zones in Dubai on the other. The mainland and free zones offer different advantages to different types of business, and if you are a Limited Liability Company you get to take advantage of various privileges.



If you want to get registration of Limited Liability partnership in Dubai or any other Emirate, let My Business Consulting DMCC guide in choosing the most effective corporate structure for your Limited Liability Company. We can help your Limited Liability Company in getting started as well as doing business in the UAE along with providing support for visa applications and tax certification.

If you choose to conduct business in Dubai mainland, you will need to register business entity with the DED, who will then provide you a Dubai business license to start doing business as a Limited Liability Company.

Formation of Limited Liability Company is quite common in the UAE, especially among foreign investors. Foreign investors may start Limited Liability Company in partnership where 51% ownership of the company belongs to United Arab Emirates (UAE) nationals. That way, you get to avail limitless business opportunities in Dubai. However, it should be noted that some business activities are reserved for UAE nationals only.

While some business activities are reserved for UAE nationals only, in professional activities 100% foreign ownership is permitted.
A limited liability partnership can be formed by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders whose liability is limited to their shares in the capital. The minimum requirement for share capital is AED 300,000 in Dubai and AED 150,000 in other Emirates.

Shareholders must fulfill the Limited Liability Company formation documents and processes, which is included the appointment of a manager by the Memorandum of Association (MOA), for a limited or an unlimited period of time. A LLC must appoint a minimum of one manager and up to a maximum of five managers for the business. Unless the MOA states otherwise, the manager has complete authority over the administration and management of the LLC. A LLC is allowed to practice its activities in the UAE based on Trade License and Commercial Registration Certificate.


At My Business Consulting DMCC, we offer you consultancy and support to build the ideal corporate structure for LLC company formation based on your business idea. We provide full range of services for Limited Liability Company formation within the UAE that can turn your investments into profitable businesses. Let us help you design a service package that helps you get started the right way in the UAE.


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