Developing Young Business Entrepreneurs

Developing Young Entrepreneurs Our Corporate Social Responsibility

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises”.

My Business Consulting DMCC partnered with a Division of Atlas Group of Institutions to launch a program that fostered entrepreneurial success in the burgeoning young generation of future impresarios to share insights related to company formation and operation. My Business Consulting DMCC in cooperation with a Division of Atlas Group of Institutions conducted a seminar that fostered entrepreneurial success in the burgeoning young generation of future impresarios to share insights related to company formation and business operation.

Creating an impact beyond our office environment

In being a part of the ever-evolving business landscape of the UAE for over 15 years, we have realized that success tastes best when we share it with others. This is why we have launched a Corporate Social Responsibility Program which is hinged on our belief that a successful organization always gives back to the society.

The younger generation of the country is at the heart of our program because we believe that there is no better way to prepare for a better tomorrow than to empower the minds of those who will be involved in businesses setup in the future. Entrepreneurship is more than a complicated set of syllables. It requires people to think innovatively, understand the processes of business setup in UAE, know how businesses operate, learn about the different means of financing, and acquire the abilities to propel a business toward growth and success. The program was aimed at helping young minds understand entrepreneurship.

Program: Developing Young Business Entrepreneurs and Career Exploration

Named, “Developing Young Business Entrepreneurs and Career Exploration”, the seminar was held in affiliation with Division Atlas Group of Institutions for graduate and post-graduate students of International College, Ajman. We decided to give back to the community by nurturing participating students and molding them into sharp business professionals. This was achieved by empowering the younger generation and providing them with an opportunity to grow their business acumen and understand the details of business formation.

Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs

The seminar was conducted personally by the multi-award-winning business professional Ms. Kamelia Allow, CEO of our company. She enlightened the participants with insightful information related to the fundamentals of business. Enriching the conversation with real-life examples and personal experiences, Ms. Allow helped the students understand the importance of organization, social leadership, and teamwork. She talked insightfully about various norms of business setup in UAE and brought to light the different ways in which business deterrents can be overcome. The students had the opportunity of meeting an investor and participating in an activity which required them to build a business prototype. It helped them learn how to approach and persuade investors.

The outcome of the program

  • My Business Consulting DMCC was happy to grant 12 vouchers with a total value of AED 60,000 to the group of students who outranked others by creating the best business project and by delivering the best presentation to an investor.
  • The student with the best presentation has received the opportunity to join our company for a 3-month internship program. This is an attempt to provide budding students like her with the chance to experience the real business environment. During her period of internship, we intend to help the student gain deep knowledge of company formation in the country and the best practices that encourage growth and success in a business.

Success Breeds Success

The success of this corporate social responsibility program has strengthened our intentions to provide similar opportunities to more young minds in this competitive world. We were impressed to come across several bright, young future-leaders who participated in the program. And we want to express our gratitude to the Atlas Group of Institutions for their support and for making it possible.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This Chinese proverb sums it all up very well. We realize how important it is to contribute to the development of young minds. The young generation will soon be shaping the future of this country. We depend on them for future success. This is why we hope to expand our endeavours and transform this young initiative into a big project where we can organize such seminars across the length and breadth of UAE sharing real experiences of businesses setup with more and more students.

“Thanks to the entire team of ‘My Business Consulting DMCC’ for conducting the ‘Career Fair’ at our college. Our students were very much impressed and had more information in developing business or in being a young entrepreneur at this age. The session helped the students in: Careers related to their coursework and to help them identify the key skills needed in order to become a successful professional; Also provided students with opportunities to develop skills in communication, self‐presentation, and networking, which will prepare them for job interviews and other professional interactions; Games were more lively and interesting for our students. The awards provided by you made them more active in the session and thoughtful. We Management, Admin. Team and Faculties expresses our sincere gratitude for the session.”

Developing Young Entrepreneurs Our Corporate Social Responsibility