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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is widely regarded as the gateway between the West and the East thanks to its strategic location, tax free economy, and excellent infrastructure. As such, it’s no surprise that the UAE is one of the most preferred company formation destinations in the world. Hence, business consulting and initial support is quite common amongst foreign investments.

If you want to take advantage of the free market in the UAE but are not sure how to incorporate the right way, business consulting services are readily available in the country to help you find your feet. Business consulting enables you to discover the free zones and regions in UAE where your business setup can flourish while getting all the government support, infrastructure, and resources to grow!

The UAE has a very stable macroeconomic environment for investment, thanks to government spending on infrastructure, significance of business consulting and resourcing, and its pro-business attitude. UAE has also signed double taxation avoidance treaty with more than 52 countries in the world, offering easy access to markets in Africa, Asia, CIS countries, Far East and Europe as well as the areas surrounding the Red Sea and the Gulf.

At My Business Consulting DMCC, we provide business consulting to help you ensure that your business venture in UAE turns into a profitable and growth oriented company that is supported by world class infrastructure and resources.



UAE has become one of the major business hub around the globe, which is why we have experienced massive growth of investors coming to UAE over the last few years.
At My Business Consulting DMCC, our strength lies in providing business consulting solutions to all types of clients. Our business consulting service enables them to achieve their company formation goals and start life in UAE smoothly as a new business. We provide industry best consultancy and support that has helped more than hundreds of SMEs and corporations find their feet in the UAE!

The reason why our business consulting service is so highly acclaimed is because we carefully assess our client requirements and provide timely solutions that can help them get started. MY Business Consulting DMCC is one of the leading business consulting firms in the Middle East that provides business development consulting to all types of business, regardless of scale or nature of work. Our approach to business strategy consulting and support has made us one of the most respected firms in the UAE. Get in touch with us today for business consulting and support that lets you join one of the most viable investment markets in the world!


Matchest Consulting Inc. (Taiwan Based Partner)
We are professional consulting company in Taiwan and have cooperated with MY Business Consulting DMCC for many projects successfully. We appreciate for their patience to let us learn more with respect to UAE company types and related regulations. We will continue to cooperate the business and to bring the best services to the clients.

Neqtat Al Entelaq Limited
More professional than expected, especially Ms. Alaina. We would really recommend My Business Consulting DMCC to all.

Aswaq Capital Limited
We are very happy to do the registration of Aswaq Capital in My Business Consulting DMCC. And everybody is very helpful.

Shafiq Massoud
It’s obvious, that My Business Consulting DMCC is committed to professional services and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Blue Atlas Investment Holding Ltd
Very efficient and helpful. Excellent time management as we were on a tight schedule. Everything was prepared in time.