A message from CEO Keren Jadhav on offices reopening - My Business Consulting DMCC

A message from CEO Keren Jadhav
on offices reopening

We are working hard to ensure a safe business environment for our staff and customers. We are complying with all safety guidelines issued by the UAE Government and took all precautionary measures to ensure your safe visits to our offices:

  • Office layout has been changed to keep the minimum 2-meter distance rule and glass separators were installed for additional safety;

  • Extra masks, gloves, and sanitizers are available at the reception area at all times;

  • Workplaces are fully sanitized and well ventilated 2 times per day, meeting rooms are sanitized after every single meeting;

  • The meeting room is equipped with refreshments such as bottled water, coffee, tea, coffee machine for our valuable clients to avoid unnecessary contacts;

  • Health and safety stickers were fixed everywhere.

At My Business Consulting DMCC we support digital transformation, and thus 50% of our staff will continue working remotely. We encourage all our clients also to use digital means of communication unless your physical presence is required. If you need any physical document, we will gladly organize delivery within UAE at your doorstep.

During this crisis, the UAE has shown to the world as one family working together to overcome the circumstances we are currently facing. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the UAE Government for supporting each and every UAE Resident, for taking care of our safety, for supporting businesses with the UAE Government’s Initiatives. We are truly blessed to live on this safe land and grow our businesses in such a favorable environment.

Wishing you all to stay safe, adapt to the change, and reach new heights and we are always there for you to support your business in the UAE!

Sincerely Yours,
Mrs. Keren Jadhav,
CEO, My Business Consulting DMCC