Keren Jadhav: an inspiring leader known for shaping one of the most successful business consulting firms in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, owing to its commitment towards women empowerment, has emerged as a premium podium for global leaders and is consistently welcoming the driven and ambitious women of the current generation to harness their dreams. One of such women entrepreneurs is Keren Jadhav, who is paving her path at an international level as one of the thriving industry champions having Indian roots.

A phenomenal and result-driven leader with an exciting business journey of almost 20 years of successful international and Middle East experience, Keren has served in various management roles across industry verticals such as Management Consulting, Real Estate Property Management, Capital Investments, and multi-million-dollar Project Management.

Being specialized in offering bespoke solutions for business setup, bank account opening, and immigration support across the Emirates, the management consulting company of Keren, My Business Consulting DMCC, assists foreign investors in finding their grounds and flourishing in the leading business hub of the MENA region. Focused on providing five-star customer service, Keren is using her strong in-depth knowledge of the local market, excellent judgment, and high adaptiveness to craft innovative solutions for her firm to hold leading positions on the UAE market for over 12 years.

Women Entrepreneurs magazine presents the extract of a distinguished interaction with Keren, who has managed to pivot the growth of her firm to greater heights as a visionary corporate leader and paramount woman entrepreneur.

How Has Your Professional Journey Been So Far? What Are The Latest And Most Significant Achievements That You Have Earned Throughout The Past Years?

Keren Jadhav: Improving my team management skill every day, I listen, hear, and learn from every team member. Being a mentor as well as an example to my people, I focus more on core business tasks without the distraction of micromanagement.

Under my leadership, My Business Consulting DMCC has become the best in class and sets the standards for the masterful customer service and outstanding execution of all processes related to business setup and business development in the UAE. We are proud to keep Customers’ satisfaction levels at the high rate of 98% for many years in a row.

In 2021, while most companies were battening down the hatches and trying to survive financially, we helped almost 500 new clients to set up their ventures in the UAE. In comparison with 2020, we reached such amazing results as:

  • 100% increase in Individual clients and a 30% increase in corporate clients;
  • 36% revenue and sales increase;
  • 42% growth in New Company Formation packages sold;
  • 132% increase in the number of UAE Residence Visas processed;
  • 100% growth in the number of PRO contracts;
  • We received 4 fantastic awards & recognitions;
  • 3 new services were launched;
  • 69 internal and external training sessions were held for our team members and much more!

On top of that, by educating our clients on the latest regulations, we have been able to bring awareness about the benefits of setting up business in the UAE and maintain 100% transparency in our service delivery.

I am committed to the development of a hybrid work culture that supports extended flexibility and i fully support the digitalization of business processes in my organization

What Are The Most Challenging Aspects Of Your Current Role And What Measures Do You Adopt Exclusively For Motivating Yourself As Well As Your Team?

Keren Jadhav: My biggest challenge as a business leader is upskilling and reskilling my team for a “post-pandemic normal.” I am committed to the development of a hybrid work culture that supports extended flexibility and I fully support the digitalization of business processes in my organization. We have, for instance, introduced a completely new service procedure in 2020 under which foreign investors can set up a business and obtain UAE residency visas from the comfort of their own homes.

Considering myself being a strong and resultoriented leader, I know that just telling my team to improve their skills and knowledge is not enough. So, being self-aware, I have adopted a mentoring position and constantly working on improving myself, meanwhile, empowering my people to do the same.

Apart from developing the necessary skills of my staff, as well as improving my company’s internal procedures to maximize customer satisfaction rate, I am also involved in the continuous improvement of all business operations of the company.

How Do You Keep Yourself Well Aligned With The Periodic Evolutions Occurring Within The Industry And The Tech World In General?

Keren Jadhav: When it comes to shifting industries and technology in general, businesses must keep evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of clients. We use a multi-step process to determine what new services we need to develop and implement.

To be always in line with current trends, demands of clients and keep clients and the company compliant with new UAE laws and regulations, My Business Consulting DMCC has introduced 13 new services to its portfolio in 2021. We now offer all types of UAE residence visas to our clients, including UAE Golden Visa, UAE Property Investor Visa, Freelance Visa and Retirement Visa.

Some of the other services that we have added to our portfolio since the beginning of 2021 include:

  • Assistance in preparing Partnership Agreement,
  • Assistance in preparing Last Will Testament,
  • ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market) Company Formation,
  • DIFC Company Formation,
  • Assistance in obtaining trademark and logo registration and much more.

To all new entrepreneurs, who are thinking of starting a business, you should remove the fear of what might go wrong. Be always open to challenges and easily Adapt to changes, be kind, thoughtful and positive when managing your team and you will succeed

Previously, I spoke of how we effectively adopt all innovations and adjust to rapidly changing digital trends. Not only we introduce new services, matching the fast-changing demands of our clients, but also deliver all our services online from 2020 and provide full digital after-sale support through all our marketing channels.

What Advice Would You Present To Young Women And Girls Who Aspire To Become Business Leaders Or Entrepreneurs In The Future?

Keren Jadhav: To all new entrepreneurs, who are thinking of starting a business, you should remove the fear of what might go wrong. Don’t let that fear stop you from starting, be always open to challenges and easily adapt to changes, be kind, thoughtful and positive when managing your team and you will succeed! Having a positive mindset will help you find the way. Without a positive attitude, you cannot reach your goals and negativity hinders you from achieving the goals. Be persistent as well as open to ideas and innovations. It will help you to grow.

Keren Jadhav, CEO, My Business Consulting DMCC

A Bachelor of Science graduate from B. K. M. Science College, Keren started her career path as a sales manager and grew amazingly fast into the regional sales head by serving people and providing them with the best solutions for life and business. Always open to ideas and innovations, positively adapting to everyday change, Keren keeps her entire team in sync with each other. She has been able to set a positive mindset that helps her team to grow as a company standard, align everybody towards the same goal and reach extraordinary results.

Awards Of Recognitions Won So Far :

  • 26 local and international awards including
  • ‘Top Performing Consultant’ by the World’s #1 Free Zone,
  • Dubai Multi Commodity Center (DMCC) for 5 consecutive years,
  • ‘Best of 2019 Professional Services to the Businesses’,
  • ‘UAE Most Innovative Business Advisory Firm’,
  • ‘Best UAE Business Consulting Service’, and many others.
Keren Jadhav CEO Of My Business Consulting DMCC

Keren Jadhav

CEO, My Business Consulting DMCC