Bank Account Opening Application Form

Bank Account Opening in UAE
Application Form

Dear Valued Client,

We thank you for requesting our services for Bank Account Opening. As you are aware, Bank Account Opening in the UAE is becoming a challenge for everyone due to comprehensive due diligence by the chosen bank that is regulated by UAE Central Bank.

With this regard, we would like to ask a detailed information from your side about your business in the UAE, as well as your independent background.

It is important for the compliance of the bank to understand the following:

  • The background and credibility of the company shareholders

  • The background of each businesses the company shareholders

  • The proof of residential and office/business of shareholder and its company

  • The bank transactions the shareholder and their companies are doing

  • The list of clients and suppliers with website addresses and location

We understand that this sound like evading your privacy – however, satisfying the requirement of the bank is the only way we can have the account opening approval in a faster and smoother way. After assessing the filled-up questionnaire, we will provide you a final list of required documents to be prepared before the meeting with banker.

The information you will provide us will be summarized accordingly before bank account opening and will be shared with you before giving the file to a bank.

No information below will be released to the bankers unless with your prior approval.

We thank you for your understanding,

My Business Consulting DMCC


19. For Trading Company Only:

20. For Consultancy/Service Company Only:

List of 3 Major Potential Clients


  • Please do not include any company without website.

  • At least one of the potential client should be UAE registered company (for Free Zone only)


List of 3 Major Potential Suppliers – for Trading Company Only

Please do not include any company without a corporate website.


Your Business Experience

Kindly list the Companies (aside from the UAE Company) in which you are holding shares

Thank you for the cooperation.

Kindly please allow us 24 to 48 hours to assess the Form and get back to you.